Some Kind Words From My Students (and Parents...)

These are some some of the kind words left by my present and past students. I hope that it encourages you and your child. Learning the violin is more than just playing it well. Ultimately, its about picking up the priceless and lifelong disciplines and attitudes associated with it.

I have known Elaine Khong for 3 years. She has been my 9-year old children's violin instructor which my twins started on at 6 years old.Elaine has brought them both through the ABRSM syllabus with a great deal of competency and professionalism. My children achieved their ABRSM Grade 2 award last year, and she is currently preparing them for their ABRSM Music Theory exam later this year, as well as working towards the Grade 4 practical exam next year.

Under her diligent instruction, my children have grown increasingly confident in their ability to play the violin. She has actively worked on cultivating in them the joy of playing the instrument beyond just passing exams. My children have also been accepted into their school's String Ensemble, and are able to hold their own playing with older students at higher competency levels than them. Elaine has been very supportive of their String Ensemble activities, often taking time to go through their Ensemble music scores with them. She has also organized public performance opportunities for my children, such as her annual student's concert.

I would highly recommend Elaine for the music teaching course she has applied for. She has proven to be an extremely dedicated and caring teacher to my children.

Karen Mother of Sheau Kai & Sheau Min

My daughter Chloe has started learning from Elaine from age of 6. At 13 now, she is preparing for her Grade 8 exam. Elaine will always have a long term learning plan for her student. She will discuss Chloe's progress with us and determine the best approach to help her develop.

My younger son Colin, being bubbly and active, tends to lose focus easily. Knowing the problem, she made the effort to organise group lessons to inject some fun to the learning. When Colin is experiencing some learning challenges for example, screeching sounds when playing, she will identify the cause of problem and come up with routines to help him overcome the challenges.

Elaine will organise concerts annually to give them the opportunity to perform on stage, this has greatly helped the kids in building up their confidence. It is fortunate to have Elaine as their teacher. I appreciate her patience and guidance for my children.

Mr. Toh Father of Chloe and Colin

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