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Through my experience of teaching theory for the past 8 years and deep knowledge of the ABRSM theory syllabus and curriculum, I can help you attain the ABRSM Theory Grade 5 in a shorter time, using a condensed approach.

Currently the syllabus is spread out across 5 grades, Grade 1 through to Grade 5. For instance the topic of ‘Intervals’ is layered and built up across 5 grades. My approach is to teach a particular topic in its entirety, in depth, so that we do not need to go through grade by grade. This is a more efficient approach to learning and saves time too.

Topics for ABRSM Theory Grade 5

1) Note Values and Rest
2) Major and Minor Scales
3) Key Signatures
4) Intervals
5) Transposition
6) Treble, Bass, Alto & Tenor Clefs
7) Cadences, Tonic Triads & Chords Inversions
8) Time Signatures (Simple/Compound Time) and Groupings
9) Orchestra Instruments
10) Ornaments
11) Performance Directions

➤ Summary Theory Cheat Sheet from Grade 1 to 5
➤ In line with the ABRSM Theory syllabus
➤ Fast Track Approach to prepare for ABRSM Theory Grade 5
➤ Pace of the Theory Course tailored to suit your needs
➤ Structured Program with Lesson Plans
➤ Online Lesson: Use technology to enhance learning and efficiency.

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